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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Zoo Joke: Penguins

A police officer is sitting in his car by the side of the road, when he suddenly does a double take: a pick-up truck has just cruised by, with a dozen penguins riding in the bed.  Flipping on his siren, he swoops down on the pick-up and pulls it over.  Striding over to the driver-side window, he motions for the driver to step out.

"Sir," says the officer.  "I can't help but notice that you've got a lot of penguins in your truck."

"That's right," replies the driver.  "I'm taking them to the zoo."

Well, the police officer can't think of anything wrong with that, so he just smiles and waves the driver off on his way.

Later that day, the same police officer is still watching traffic, when, to his surprise, the same pick-up truck - driven by the same driver - drives by, still with a dozen penguins in the bed.  Shaking his head in disbelief, the cop chases after him and pulls him over.

"Sir!", he exclaims to the driver, "I thought you said that you were taking these penguins to the zoo!"

"I did," said the driver, amiably.  "And we had a great time!  We're going to the movies, next."

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