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Sunday, August 4, 2013

From the News: Spooked Baboons Baffle Dutch Zoo in Emmen

Spooked Baboons Baffle Dutch Zoo in Emmen

I've never been to Emmen (which isn't surprising, seeing as I've never been the Netherlands, period), but I've always heard wonderful things about it.  It's especially famous for keeping animals in the most socially appropriate groups of any zoo that I know of.  At many zoos, a troop of primates means a half dozen, maybe a dozen.  At Emmen, it means over one hundred...

As to what is causing the drama at the zoo... no clue.  I can't help but think that anything that I could conceivably think of (as well as a lot of things that I can't) has already been considered by the keepers at Emmen.  Whatever it is, it must be something that happens rarely enough to scare the hell out of a whole lot of baboons but not often enough to allow them to habituate to it.

I hope the mystery is solved one of these days.  At any rate, Emmen's website reports that the animals are already settling back down and feeding/behaving normally again.

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