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Monday, November 18, 2013

Zoo Joke: Pandas

A bored waiter is sitting around a diner one especially slow evening when, to his surprise, a panda comes strolling through the door.  The panda takes a seat up at the counter and orders a hamburger, which he scarfs down in three bites.  He then slides off of the stool and makes his way for the door.

The waiter is about to say something about paying the bill when the panda suddenly turns around and, from nowhere, pulls a handgun out from his fur.  Before the waiter can event react, the panda fires a shot, hitting the waiter in the leg.

"Why, why would you do such a thing?!?" the waiter yells as he clutches his leg in pain.

"I'm a panda," replies his assailant.  "Look it up."  Then, without another word, he flees.

Within a hour, the injured waiter is in the hospital, being treated for his injury.  As he lies in bed recovering, he recalls the panda's last words to him, and has a friend bring him a dictionary.  Flipping to the "P"s, this is what he finds:

Panda [pan-duh] noun - black-and-white bearlike mammal found in southwest China.  Eats shoots and leaves.

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