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Monday, December 2, 2013

Species Fact Profile: Bali Mynah (Leucospar rothschildi)

Bali Mynah (Rothschild’s Mynah, Bali Starling)
Leucopsar rothschildi (Stresemann, 1912)
Range:  Northwest Bali (Indonesia)
Habitat: Monsoon Forest, Acacia Savannah
Diet: Insects, Worms, Fruits, Seeds
Social Grouping: Flocks up to 40
Reproduction: Breed Oct-Nov, nest in tree cavities (often made by woodpeckers), 2-3 eggs incubated by female for 14 days, both parents provide food after hatching, chicks fledge at 3 weeks, sexually mature at 2-3 years old
Lifespan: 5 Years (Wild), 15 Years (Captivity)
Conservation Status: IUCN Critically Endangered, CITES Appendix I

  •  Length 25 centimeters, weight 85-90 grams; plumage is almost entirely white, with black wing- and tail-tips, bare blue skin around eye,a  long drooping crest (longer in males than females), yellow bill, and grey-blue legs
  • Extremely arboreal for a starling, it only comes to the ground to drink (a form of predator avoidance)
  •  Fresh water is scarce throughout parts of range, so mynahs are believed to obtain much of their moisture from the juices of ripe fruits
  • The mynah is Bali’s only endemic vertebrate, and serves as the fauna symbol for island; it is featured on Indonesian 200 rupiah coin
  • Possibly extinct in the wild, predominately due to illegal capture for pet trade, as well as habitat loss and competition with the introduced black-winged starling

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