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Monday, May 12, 2014

Zoo Joke: Bad News

A zookeeper goes away for a week-long conference.  He is driving home, eager to see his wife, when he decides to stop off at work and see how things have been while he was away.

"Hey Bob," he says to the first keeper he meets coming in the gate, "how were things this last week?"

"Not so good," his coworker replies sadly.  "The tiger died while you were away."

"What!  That was my favorite animal in the whole zoo!  That's heart-breaking."

"Yeah, it was very sudden, very unexpected."

"I wish you had broken the news a little more gently, this is quite a shock."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, you should have called me one day and told me that he had a cold, nothing too serious.  Then, the next day, you should have called again and said that it was pneumonia.  The next day, you could have said that he was in the vet hospital and that you were doing everything you could to save him.  By the next day, I would have been ready for the news."

"Oh... sorry.  Yeah, I guess that would have been easier on you."

"Oh, well, never mind me, I'm just upset, that's all.  I better get home and see how my wife's been.  You won't believe it, but she didn't call me once while I was away."

"Oh... um... well... before you drive home, I think I ought to tell you... she has a cold."

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