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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Wildlife Witness

Habitat loss is the primary threat to most endangered species, but many are equally - or even more - threatened by the illegal wildlife trade.  The trade may be in body parts used for medicinal purposes (rhino horn being the most famous example, but also many lesser known species, such as pangolins), in bushmeat, or in live animals to be sold as pets.  In some parts of the world the trade is conducted in the shadows by organized criminal enterprises, while in others it is carried on in broad daylight, the laws prohibiting it either unknown or unenforced.

Taronga Zoo (Sydney, Australia) and its regional partners are working to stop the trade with the new Wildlife Witness app.  It will allow users to document and report wildlife crimes so that the authorities are aware of what and where they are.   The program is now in the running for a very large grant that would allow it to greatly expand its capabilities and become available to many more people.  

Vote here to support it!

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