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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Zoo Joke: Greenpeace

I don't do zoo jokes nearly as often as I like.  That's not because I can't find them... and it's not because I can't find funny ones... it's because I can't find ones that are funny AND clean.  Most are pretty dirty, generally having to do with various mating behaviors and/or anatomical features.  I'm going to keep searching.  In the meantime, this one will have to do...

Mr. Wilson is leaving his office one day and walking down the street to catch the bus.  He soon reaches the bus stop, and as he waits, he is approached by a young man with a t-shirt emblazoned "Greenpeace."

"Excuse me, sir," the young man asks, "I'm Jake from Greenpeace, and we're on a fundraising drive.  Can I talk with you for a few minutes?"

Well, Mr. Wilson figures that the bus will get there when it gets there, so why not?  He nods his assent, and Jake begins his sales pitch.

"Global climate change is a major problem, and we really need action to stop it.  Have you noticed that the summers have been getting warmer around here?"

"Not really," replies Mr. Wilson.  "I spend all day in the office and it's air-conditioned."

"Well, haven't you also noticed that the winters are getting colder?"

"Not really," replies Mr. Wilson.  "My office and my home have heating, and I never go outside much in the winter anyway."

"What about all of the stronger storms we've had, and the bad hurricane season we had last year," Jake pleads.  "Surely you must remember that?"  But the fact is, Mr. Wilson simply doesn't.

"I don't know if you realize what a serious problem this is," Jake insists.  "At the rate we're going now, the arctic is melting year by year.  In a few years, the only place we'll be able to see polar bears is in a zoo."

"Again, can't say I've noticed," Mr. Wilson says as the bus pulls up.  "Never seen a polar bear outside of a zoo."

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