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Friday, February 5, 2016

From the News: Chester Zoo celebrate breeding 'living fossil'

I count myself as extremely lucky that, at the tender age of having just left college, I was able to land my first zoo job working with one of the world's most extraordinary reptiles - the tuatara of New Zealand.  During my stint with the prehistoric, lizard-like creatures, my curator (who was constantly bombarding me with questions about how their temperature was, how were they eating, etc) bought a bottle of fine New Zealand wine, which he then put under lock and key.  It was his intention, he said, to drink it when he finally achieved his goal of being the first zoo outside of New Zealand to breed the species.

That was almost ten years ago. If you're reading this, boss, I guess you might as well open the damned bottle.  Congratulations Chester Zoo!

Photo credit: Chester Zoo

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