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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sporcle Quiz: Spot the Animal!

One of the hallmarks of the modern zoo has been the transition from sterile barred cages to larger exhibits that are meant to replicate the natural habitat of the animal.  This, in turn, has lead to the new most common complaint at virtually every zoo - visitors not being able to find the animals.  There are some species in our zoo that I'm pretty sure no visitor has ever seen, unless they had it pointed out to them by a visitor. 

Which makes me wonder how close our visitors get to who knows how many species in the wild and never notice.  Being able to notice animals in our environment is something that evolution had once done a pretty good job of beating into us.  Many of us seem to have lost the knack.  After all, if you can't find the tiger, in a relatively small territory (we'll call it a quarter acre), that's only partially vegetated, and has a big sign that says "TIGER" in front of it, I would despair of your chances to go uneaten in an Indian jungle.

Enjoy this quiz!  It's not one of mine, but I've enjoyed it very much!

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