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Monday, January 30, 2017


I swear, my zoo is always the last to find out about... anything.

Take 2015, for instance.  That was the year that, after the release of Jurassic World, every other zoo in the world took up the brief craze of Prattkeeping - keepers striking ridiculous poses a la Chris Pratt training the raptors in that movie.  We didn't notice it until weeks later... at which point, it was a question of whether we should let it pass us by, or jump on a bandwagon way freaking late.

We passed.

Now - after the fact - we learn about the latest social media craze we've missed - drumroll - the #cuteanimaltweetoff.

It began with the announcement of a baby gray seal at the Smithsonian National Zoo, and the zoo's PR people bragging about the baby via twitter.  Well, Virginia Aquarium couldn't let that pass, and insisted, good-naturedly, that their collection was cuter than DC's.  Boom.  Stuff got real, real fast.

Okay, not really.  Instead, it became a game of one-upmanship as zoos and aquariums across the country flooded Twitter with their cutest baby pictures.  Mass public adulation ensues.

And we get left out.  Completely didn't notice until today.  Probably too late to enter without looking like total posers.  Which makes me kind of depressed.  But at least there's lots of cute baby animal pics to cheer me up.  *Boop!*

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