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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

From the News: US Aquariums Launch Anti-Plastic Campaign

Plastic litter found during Fort McHenry Field Day (Handout/Theresa Keil.  National Aquarium Event Photographer

"One Word: Plastics"

- The Graduate

Okay, let's add a few words - "No more plastics."

At least, that's the goal that many major American aquariums are working towards.  Plastics are a major source of pollution - ocean-life can die entangled in plastics, or suffocate on it.  The phasing out of plastics is an important, practical way for aquariums to lessen their contribution to the conservation of ocean ecosystem.  It will also provide an excellent lesson to their visitors on how they can changes in their own lives that will make a better world for the animals of the sea.

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