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Thursday, April 12, 2018

From the News: First Renderings of St. Louis Zoo Expansion

Last month, the St. Louis Zoo announced its acquisition of a 425-acre tract of land in north St. Louis County.  This week, zoo officials unveiled their first glimpses of the plans for the new property. 

Essentially, the St. Louis Zoo hopes to create in the surrounding county what the San Diego Zoo has in its San Diego Zoo Safari Park - a large satellite facility which supports its mission with that most precious of commodities - space.  Included in the master plan is a 100 acres of safari-style exhibits, where large ungulates will roam on public display and, perhaps more importantly, 250 acres of off-view breeding and holding space, what the zoo is dubbing its "Conservation and Animal Science Center."  The facility will also support visitor activities, such as luxury camping ("glamping"), nature play, and outdoor adventure activities like zip-lining.

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