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Friday, June 15, 2018

Crane on the Run

When discussing the challenges associated with owning an exotic pet, one that needs to be brought up is escape.  Owners are responsible for their animals, whether or not they are in their physical custody at a given point.  If an animal escapes, they are responsible for any harm or damage that animal may inflict while on the loose.  They are also responsible for what happens to the animal.  

An escaped creature can have anything happen to it, whether it escapes from a zoo or a private owner.  It may run into traffic and get hit by a car.  It may be eaten by a predator.  It may freeze in the winter.  Or it may live for several years and happily get by.  That's what happened to a flamingo that escaped from Utah's Tracy Aviary and became a local legend with years' worth of sightings.

The picture above was circulating online, depicting the fugitive crane.  The bird's right wing appears to be pinioned, which at the very least should make it easier to catch.

Recently, a grey crowned-crane has turned up in some northern Californian backyards... which is a few thousand miles from where one would naturally occur.  No zoos have so far announced that they have a bird on the lam.  Whatever the case, I hope he gets caught up soon and finds his way to his home, or to a new suitable one if no owner steps forward.

It can be a hard place out there for a crane, after all.

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