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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

From the News: Red Panda Recovered After National Zoo Escape

Red Panda Recovered After National Zoo Escape

I've had a few minor animal escapes occur at zoos where I've worked - prairie dogs, parakeets, owls, nothing major.  Once I had a marmoset get out, but all I had to do was leave the door to the keeper area open for a few minutes and he came right back in.  Even so, these minor escapes left me jittery and nervous until the animal was back where it belonged (and thankfully I always got my critter back safe and sound).

Having a high profile animal escape - in the middle of a major city - with the entire search being eagerly followed on the news and social media.  That must have really sucked.   I'm glad NZP got their panda back in the end.  I'm sure a few keepers went straight home at the end of the day and went straight for a calming beer.

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