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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Zoo Joke: Peanuts

One morning at the courthouse, a police officer marches four teenage boys in front of the judge.

"Your Honor, these kids were causing a disturbance at the zoo this morning," he says.

The judge frowns and glares at the boys.  "Young men, I have very little tolerance for juvenile deliquency.  I want each of you to tell me your name and tell me what you did wrong."  He then motions to the first boy, who steps forward.

"Your Honor, my name is Michael, and I threw Peanuts to the bears", he says.

The judges sighs and says, "Well, that's not so bad, just don't do it again," and he dismisses the boy.  The next boy steps forward.

"Your Honor, my name is David, and I threw Peanuts to the gorillas."

"Alright," says the judges, "Just don't do it again.  Who's next?"

"Your Honor," says the third boy, "I'm Jacob, and I threw Peanuts to the elephants."

"Ok, you can go," says the judge.  His Honor then takes a glance at the fourth boy.  His clothes are in tatters, he is missing some teeth, he has two black eyes, and his arm is in a sling.  "Good heavens!" exclaims the judge, "what happened to you?!?"

"Your Honor," the fourth boy mumbles, "my name is Peanuts."

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