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Thursday, April 21, 2016

From the News: Central Florida Zoo exhibit to teach about living with bears

"The Wild" as we think we know it is increasingly vanishing.  Which isn't to say that all wild animals are necessarily vanishing as well (though many are).  An increasing number of them are being pushed into close contact with humans, living in agricultural areas, suburbs, and sometimes even cities.  Some, like squirrels, are simply a pleasant distraction or, depending on your feelings about them, a minor irritant.  Some are a little... harder to ignore.  Like bears.

Kudos to Central Florida Zoo for their impressive new bear exhibit.  Zoos should strive to educate visitors, and education, I've always felt, should have a facet of practicality to it.  It's not enough to have knowledge, you have to have something to do with it.  If this exhibit (which houses rescued problem bears) can help lead to a reduction in human-bear conflict, it will be a great asset to the community... human and ursine.

Artist rendering on a new bear exhibit at the Central Florida Zoo.

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