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Friday, April 15, 2016

Tragedy and Loss

I never knew Stacey Konwiser, tiger keeper of Palm Beach's Dreher Park Zoo.  In the last few hours, however, I have learned that several of my friends and colleagues did.  They've spoken of a warm, caring, talented individual, devoted to her animals and always striving to do her best for them.

Besides the sadness, there's a pervading sense of fear.  It's a reminder that, if a tragedy like this could happen to such an experienced, talented keeper, it could also happen to me, or my best friends, or anyone else who works with big cats for a living.

I'm so sorry for this loss, to her friends, her family, and her coworkers, including her husband, a fellow trainer.  There's nothing more I can say....

EXCEPT this - wow PETA, way to try to capitalize off of this woman's tragic death to promote your agenda.  Whoever thought that was even remotely an appropriate idea, you're a terrible person, and shame on you.  I have no idea why the media even interviews you when things like this happen.  That is all.

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