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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Species Fact Profile: Vietnamese Mossy Frog (Theloderma corticale)

Vietnamese Mossy Frog
Theloderma corticale (Boulenger, 1903)

Range: Northern Vietnam
Habitat: Evergreen Rainforest, Caves
Diet: Insects
Social Grouping: Unknown in wild, captives will tolerate groups
Reproduction: Breeds from April through June in rock cavities (sometimes in tree holes).  Small masses of eggs laid above the water, hatch after 7-14 days.  Tadpoles drop into water directly below.  Metamorphosis takes 3 months.
Lifespan: 12-15 Years (Captivity)
Conservation Status: IUCN Data Deficient

  • Body length 8-9 centimeters, females grow larger than the males.  When resting, they are very flat and appear to be as wide as they are long
  • Skin is mottled green and brown with numerous tubercles and small spines, resembling moss growing on rocks.  Soft underbelly, sticky pads on the toes to enable climbing
  • Camouflage is main defense; if frightened, will curl into a ball and pretend to be dead
  • Active at night, spend the day clinging to mossy rocks just above the waterline or hiding beneath floating plants
  • Threatened by habitat loss and collection for the international pet trade

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