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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Zoo Joke: Talking Penguin

A bartender is at work one day when, to his surprise, a penguin waddles into the bar.  He shuffles up to a stool, hops up onto it, and says, "I'm having a rough day - give me whatever's on tap."

The astonished bartender draws up a beer and passes it to the penguin, who gulps it down.

"I've never met a talking penguin," he admits.  The penguin shrugs, then orders another beer.  They make small talk for a few more minutes, then pays his tab and leaves.

The next day, the director of the city zoo, a regular of the bar, comes in.  He's also having a rough day - attendance is down, and he needs a new attraction to drive the gate.  When the bartender mentions that, just the day before, a talking penguin came in, the zoo director is estatic.  A talking penguin, he declares, is just the sort of exciting, novel exhibit which will draw in huge crowds.  He gives the bartender his card and asks him to give it to the penguin, should he happen to come in again.

Sure enough, the next day the penguin comes back.  "It's been another rough day at work," he sighs, ordering himself a beer.

"Funny you should mention that," says the bartender.  "I may have a job opportunity for you."  He hands the zoo director's card to the penguin, who turns it over in his flippers.

"Huh," he says eventually.  "And he says he has a job?  I didn't know the zoo hired stockbrokers."

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