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Thursday, October 27, 2016

From the News: World's Most Endangered Alligator Making a Comeback - in Shanghai

A recent report by WWF estimates that, by the end of this decade, two-thirds of the wild animals on our planet will be gone.  One-third as many tigers left, one-third as many elephants, one-third as many gorillas... that's pretty depressing stuff (especially when you consider that it's on average - some species will be hit harder than others).

All of this, of course, makes this news from Shanghai so much more enjoyable.  It's fantastic to see that one of the world's rarest reptiles, the Chinese alligator, is still managing to hold its own - even in the most unexpected of places (this, to me, would be like finding that black-footed ferrets have established a breeding group beneath the Hollywood sign in LA... but then again, why not, there are already pumas there).

Chinese alligator hatchling swims in Dongtan Wetland Park in China.  Credit: © East China Normal University

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