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Thursday, October 6, 2016

In the Path of the Storm

Photo from Saint Augustine Alligator Farm's Facebook page.  A marabou stork is temporarily housed in a bathroom building for safety as Hurricane Matthew approaches.

This weekend, Hurricane Matthew prepares to strike the southeastern United States, starting with Florida.  From there its path will be unclear.  It could bounce back out to sea, it could move inland, or it could head up the coast.  Regardless of who else will get hit, it is certainly coming from Florida, and Floridians are (or should be) preparing.  For many, that means evacuation. 

You can't really evacuate a zoo, however.  Instead, keepers at facilities around the Sunshine State are preparing their facilities as best as they can, giving their animals as much shelter as possible, and then hunkering down for what promises to be a wild, wet, windy ride.

St. Augustine, Brevard, Palm Beach, Jacksonville, Miami - please know that the rest of the keeper community is thinking of you and wishing you the best.  We'll see you when the storm passes.

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