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Monday, December 12, 2016

Sporcle Quiz: Amazing Ungulates

If there were a Hall of Fame for Animal Obscurities, surely an entire wing would have to be devoted to the ungulates, or hoofed mammals.  In the eyes of most zoo-goers, they're all the same... deer for the small ones, cows for the big ones.  When I started in the profession, I didn't give ungulate much more than a backward glance myself - I wanted to work with the "cool" animals.  Deer were not considered "cool."

At one point I had a curator tell me that hoofstock is an acquired taste - and she didn't mean in the culinary sense.  The more time I've spent working with the deer and antelope, wild goats and wild cattle and wild pigs, the more impressed I've become with their variety, their behavior, and - in the case of males during rut - their single-minded determination to erase you from existence.

Enjoy this month's quiz, featuring some Amazing (and Obscure) Ungulates!

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