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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A Pangolin Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day!

There's lots of ways to celebrate everyone's favorite crass-commercialist-romantic holiday.  Flowers.  Chocolates.  Pangolins.  Adult Toys.  Wait, what?  Since when did pangolins become a Valentine's Day thing?

Since yesterday, so it seems.  That's when Google made its Valentine's Day doodle a link to a game that features amorous pangolins navigating perilous obstacles (and let's be honest, when you're a pangolin, everything is pretty perilous) in order to be together.  Four levels are set in range countries in Africa and Asia inhabited by pangolins, and all feature pangolin activities like rolling in balls, swimming, and whipping out a super long tongue (though the purists among us may mention that pangolins don't actually swing from their tongues).

Hopefully, at least 1% of the people playing this game will pause long enough to say, "Wait, what is that thing?" and google pangolin.  At this point, any awareness for these loveable, endangered little goombas can only help.

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