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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Zoos - Saving Species

Reputable zoos and aquariums are all linked by one shared mission - saving species and the habitats that support them.  It's a compelling mission, and one that has a lot of great stories behind it, some of which I've tried to share here on this blog. 

The problem is that there are a LOT of stories out there and a lot of content, on all sorts of subjects.  Some of it is real.  Some of it is not.  A lot of it is sort of a blended mess.  It can be hard to get any message across in the muddle.

Recently, an enterprising keeper decided to simplify the message with a series of memes, each highlighting a different case study in how zoos and aquariums are saving species.  Each is linked with sources so that readers can learn more, or find out how they can get involved to make a difference. 

These are a work in progress, with more being produced as time goes by.  Already I've seen them pop up on a few different sites online, linked by the hashtag #zoossavespecies (with its own facebook page as well).  Hopefully, they'll be effective at getting the word out about why zoos and aquariums need the continued support of the public so that they can continue to protect endangered species around the globe.

Learn More about how zoos are saving the black-footed ferret

Learn More about how zoos are saving the Arabian oryx

Learn More about how zoos are saving the Puerto Rican crested toad

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