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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Satire: Donald Trump Jr. Takes Son on Hunting Trip in National Zoo

This is a dark one.

Earlier this year, First Daughter Ivanka Trump took her family for a day out at the Smithsonian National Zoo.  The Internet... didn't respond well.  Many of the comments that resulted were jabs at Ms. Trump's two brothers, both of whom are avid trophy hunters and who have infuriated many with their cheerfully-posted photos of dead leopards, elephants, etc.  Not surprisingly, many readers quipped that while they hoped Ivanka enjoyed her visit, they would just as soon that the rest of the Trump clan keep out of the zoo, lest it turn into a shooting gallery.

Naturally, The Onion went there.

What makes this especially eerie to me is how accurate and detailed it is.  Not about the Trumps, but about the zoo.  The species list, the exhibit names, even the names of individual animals - spot on.  I can't imagine how weird it would be for a keeper at National to read this and stumble across descriptions (albeit fictional) of the bison you take care of casually being gunned down.  Freaky.

According to witnesses at the zoo’s Elephant Outpost, Donald Trump Jr. told his son to aim for a calf that had wandered away from its mother in search of a play partner.

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