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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Zoo Joke: Andy and the Elephant

After graduating college, Andy decided to take a year off to travel and see the world.  First he went through Asia, then Europe, then he found himself in Africa.

While on safari in Africa, Andy saw an elephant, limping heavily.  Andy got out of his car warily and approached the elephant cautiously.  The elephant in turn walks towards him, approaching with obvious pain.  When he gets to within a few feet on Andy, he lifts his front right foot up.  There, embedded in the sole, is a massive thorn.  Andy pulls it out with some effort, and the elephant trumpets in relief.  He affectionately massages Andy with his trunk for a moment, then lumbers off.

Before he walks away for good, he turns back to Andy and winks.

Years later, Andy is a successful businessman, married, and settled in his new life.  One day, he is visiting the city zoo, passing the elephant exhibit.

He is about to pass by, when one of the elephants approaches the railing and, to Andy's disbelief, winks at him.  Then, he slowly lifts his front, right leg and waves it at Andy.  Andy is shocked.  He can't believe it.  Overjoyed, he hops the fence, jumps into the moat, and scrambles over to the elephant with arms wide open.

The elephant in turn rushes towards Andy... then snatches him up with his trunk and bashes him against the wall of the exhibit in front of the horrified crowds.

Probably wasn't the same elephant.

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