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Thursday, December 14, 2017

From the News: Want to buy a zoo?

It's one thing to find a souvenir from the zoo under your Christmas tree... it's another to find the zoo (or at least a deed to one) itself.  Seriously, didn't Matt Damon make a movie about this or something?

The Bayou Wildlife Zoo in Texas is for sale by its owner, one Clint Wolston, yours for the sum of $6,000,000.  That seems a bit on the high side for me, especially considering what some first hand visitors have told me about the facilities... not that I even have one million to drop on a new zoo anytime in the near future.

Still, it's nice to hope that someone will swoop in and purchase the place, giving it lots of attention and energy and enable it to grow and flourish.  I just don't think it'll be me...

Clint Wolston, owner of Bayou Wildlife Zoo, feeds "Pee Wee" a white rhino, Wednesday, Nov. 29, 2017, in Galveston County, Texas. Owned and operated by Wolston since 1985, the zoo is currently for sale for the princely sum of $6 million. (Steve Gonzales/Houston Chronicle via AP)

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