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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Zoo Review Updates

The rapidly-growing Turtle Back Zoo has been busy this year.  Their African Adventure exhibit unveiled habitats for Africa's two largest carnivores - lions and spotted hyenas - occupying the ruins of a North African fort.  Elsewhere in the zoo, exhibits of maned wolf, Andean condor, and giant anteater have opened.

The Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium has opened its new Jungle Odyssey trail, with habitats for capybara, giant anteater, fossa, ocelot, and pygmy hippopotamus.  The new loop includes a zipline adventure.

Elmwood Park Zoo unveiled its excellent new jaguar habitat... just in time for cubs!

The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore completed its new bobcat exhibit.

The Salisbury Zoo opened a new habitat for red-necked wallabies, along with an adjacent aviary for kookaburras and tawny frogmouths.  Construction continues on a new reptile house.

The Smithsonian National Zoo opened its new electric fishes lab, starring electric eels, in Amazonia.  Construction is underway for the new Bird House, Experience Migration.  The zoo has recently announced plans to completely renovate its habitat for naked mole rats.

Virginia Zoo is continuing to work on its new reptile house.  The newly renovated complex will star Siamese crocodiles in a habitat with underwater viewing.

The Jacksonville Zoo is undergoing renovations of its primate exhibits, including the habitats for gorillas and bonobos, to be known as African Forest.

The saga of everyone's new obsession, Fiona the hippo, dominated the news at the Cincinnati Zoo, but other developments occurred there as well.  Most notable was the construction of an indoor habitat for the gorilla troop.

Fresh off the success of its new African Plains, Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo is plugging along with its next project - Asia.  The final project will include habitats for tigers, snow leopards, takin, and Indian one-horned rhinos, among other species.  The zoo is set to shutter its Cat Complex, with species being sent out to other facilities.

Probably the biggest exhibit opening of the year, the World Famous San Diego Zoo unveiled Africa Rocks!  A walk down the length of the continent, the trail goes from North Africa, where gelada and hamadryas baboons scramble over rock mounds, while ibex are stalked by leopards all the way down to the Cape of Good Hope, where African penguins swim.  Also featured are dwarf crocodiles, the lemurs (and fossas) of Madagascar, and rarely-exhibited ratels, also known as honey badgers.  This exhibit also marks the first time ever that sharks - leopard sharks, in this case - have been displayed at the zoo.

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