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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Hawaii: Nuking the Zoo?

This past year, zoos and aquariums across the country have had to cope with (almost) everything - fires, floods, terrorism, mass-shootings, and, most recently, record-shattering cold.  Think we haven't scraped the bottom of the barrel yet?

Well, we haven't yet - though for about a half an hour today, it looked like we might have.

An alert was sent out across Hawaii today announcing the ballistic missiles had been launched (presumably from North Korea) and were on their way to destroy the state.  People were all advised to take shelter.  What I would have loved to have known is - what happened at the Honolulu Zoo?  Or the Waikiki Aquarium, for that matter?

Did some staff flee the facility to try and get back to their families?  Was there a frenzy of activity in trying to move some animals to secure locations?  If so, how do you carry out such a frantic plan on a moment's notice?  Were there visitors panicking in the zoo, trying either to rush for the exits or cram into what looked like a safe place?

In the end, it was all a false alarm.  But now, it's just a reminder that there's always something else to worry about...

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