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Monday, September 15, 2014

From the News: Depressed woman commits suicide by crocodile in Samut Praken

This is a pretty awful story, and tragically, it's not the first time that someone has committed suicide-by-zoo-animal.  It happened a few years back at the lion exhibit at the National Zoo.  (This, of course, is discounting all of the unintentional suicides and homicides that happen when people do horribly unsafe things at the zoo). The zoo in question in this case has announced that they have since taken steps to add stronger fencing and other safety measures to keep this from happening, though I'm not positive how much it would have helped.   That being said, it's a good reminder that exhibits should be as hard for the public to get in as for the animals to get out.

There are (of course, in this day and age) pictures of the incident, but out of respect for the deceased they will not be shared here (and I chose a link to a website that has her body blurred out in the images that it shows).  Condolences to this poor woman's family and friends. 

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