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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Zoo Joke: Mary's Day at the Park

Summer had finally come, and little Mary, an elementary school girl with a very active imagination, was finally out of school.  After a day or two of watching their very rambunctious child bounce around the house, her parents decided that she needed to get out and play... somewhere else.  Her father volunteered to take her to the city park the next morning, where the city zoo was located.  Mary and her father left early the next morning, and didn't come back until nearly dark.

"It was great!" Mary exclaimed as she raced through the door to greet her mother.  "First, I got to ride an elephant, and then a zebra, and then a polar bear!  And when I was riding the zebra, there was a really scary tiger chasing me the whole time!  And there were rhinos and lions and horses running all around me the whole time!"

"Wow... that sounds like... quite a day," Mary's mother said, chuckling to herself and patting her daughter on the head.  "Now, go run and wash up for dinner."

"It sounds like she had quite the day at the zoo," Mary's mother commented to her husband as he helped her set the table for dinner.

"The zoo?" he asked, confused.  "We never made it to the zoo.  She spent the whole day on the merry-go-round."

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