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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Eaten by an Anaconda

I was just a kid when the movie Anaconda came out.  At the time it was pretty scary and exciting - watching it now, I doubt that I could make it through it with a straight face.  There's a scene towards the end where the monster snake swallows Jon Voight, then vomits him out onto Jennifer Lopez.  As the slime-coated bad guy lands against her, he glances up and winks.

I can't help but wonder if this scene was the inspiration for Discovery Channel's latest idiocy.

Coming fresh off the heels of pseudo-scientific Shark Week, the DC now presents "Eaten by an Anaconda", in which some jackass in a special suit will get himself swallowed by an anaconda and then emerge, alive, supposedly without harming the snake.  For one thing, I wonder how they actually found an anaconda big enough to swallow an adult human.  Then, I want to know how they thought this wouldn't harm the snake even a little.  Lastly, I want to know how Discovery Channel thought this would be a good idea to show, and what happened to a channel that used to do so much for educating and inspiring our minds.

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