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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Sporcle Quiz: Animals Named After Animals

The alternate common name of the bowmouth guitarfish - the shark ray - is a reflection of the fact that it seems to have traits of both sharks and rays.  It seems that a lot of time, we name animals after other animals, likening them to something more familiar.  For example, the binturong is sometimes called "bear cat", even though it is not especially related to cats or bears.

These names often reflect a physical trait of the animal - Does it have horns?  Call it a "Rhinoceros ______".  Does it have stripes?  Call it a "Tiger _____."  There are lots of examples that I could think of for animals that are named after other animals.  Some of them are featured in this new Sporcle quiz.  Enjoy!

PS: Animals from Avatar: The Last Airbender not included...

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