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Saturday, November 15, 2014

From the News: Florida Aquarium leaders visit Cuba

Of all the factors that play into wildlife conservation, on that cannot be understated is politics.  Countries increasingly cooperate on conservation programs, and those programs can be thwarted when relationships between those countries sour (efforts to protect big cats in Southwest Asia have been long put on hold due to enmity between the US and Iran).  In other cases, poor relationships between countries are good for nature - evidence the flourishing wildlife living in the Demilitarized Zone of the Korean Peninsula. 

The US embargo of Cuba has, whatever one may think of it for political reasons, probably done some good for Cuba's coral reefs by reducing the number of beachfront resorts which cover so much of the Caribbean.  The chance to study those reefs - so close to US shores - and collaborate on shared marine conservation issues is an opportunity US institutions should jump on.

The establishment of a partnership between Florida Aquarium and the National Aquarium of Cuba would be a great example of science and conservation transcending political differences to the benefit of all parties.  Whatever one's political beliefs, clean water, healthy reefs, and restored wildlife should be good news for anyone.  

Leaders of Tampa's Florida Aquarium visited Cuba over the weekend to discuss a possible partnership on reef restoration research. TRIBUNE FILE PHOTO

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