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Friday, March 24, 2017

Introducing, Sporcle at the Zoo!

I've always felt that fun games and quizzes are some of the best learning tools that exist.  It's with that in mind that I've always had a soft-spot for the trivia site Sporcle, which is responsible for helping me refine my vast stores of useless knowledge.  From the beginning of this blog, I've use Sporcle quizzes.  Now, I'm unveiling a new series.

"Sporcle at the Zoo" will be a series of species-specific multiple choice quizzes, each detailing a certain animal.  They will feature a mix of natural history, pop culture (animals in fiction, literature, etc), and zoo trivia.  I'm hoping that they'll be picked up the thousands of players, who will then learn a little bit about some of these animals.

My first attempt, Sporcle at the Zoo - Lion, is now online.  Give it a shot and see how well you know the King of Beasts!

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