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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Waiting for April...

It may only be March, but it seems like everyone is waiting for April.  Not the month, though - the giraffe. 

Over the past week, the 15-year old giraffe, living at the Animal Adventure Park at Harpursville, NY, has become an internet sensation as people have waited impatiently for her to give birth... live, on the net.  Her fame spread when a group of animal rights activists decided to try and get the event banned from YouTube by claiming that the livestreaming video violated social media's nudity and sexuality ban... which I suppose makes David Attenborough one of the world's leading pornographers.

The ban was lifted after a tremendous backlash, and the video is back online.  What is not ready, however, is April, who has yet to give birth.  I can't say I'm too surprised.  Animal births can be unpredictable, and I once spent weeks waiting on a zebra mare who I was pretty sure was going to give birth to a full grown animal.

It's a fascinating internet phenomena, though I can't say it's something that I would ever do.  I'd be too scared that something would go wrong, broadcast over the entire world.  Nor do I like to announce births right away - better to have peace and quiet, letting mom and baby bond alone before the world turns its attention.  Such a tragedy befell Dallas Zoo not long ago.  The entire world celebrated the birth of a calf... who was killed in a tragic accident not long after.

Anyway, a watched pot never boils... and a livestreamed giraffe, apparently, never births.

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