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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Photobombed by Fiona

There's so much misery and unhappiness in the world these days.  Life needs more baby hippos... especially baby hippos as spunky and sassy as Fiona.  Recently, the uncrowned queen of the Cincinnati Zoo graced a couple that was in the middle of a marriage proposal outside her enclosure (note to the couple involved - excellent taste in animals).

Although to be honest, it sort of looks like Fiona is completely ignoring the bride-to-be, and is wondering a) who is it now who has come to bow before me? and b) what is this shiny, non-edible object that you are offering me?

Congratulations to the newly-engaged couple - I don't suppose they are in search of a rotund little flower girl, are they?  On second thought, best not - I could totally see Fiona upstaging the bride...

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