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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Zoo Joke: Toast

So, I was walking through a new zoo the other day, when I came to a small enclosure.  It was completely empty... except - in the very center - there was a piece of toast.

I had a hard time believing that it was supposed to be there, but it was so neatly centered, so prominently displayed, that it looked like it attention was being deliberately drawn to it.  In fact, the more I looked around, I noticed there was signage and even spotlights aimed at it.

Confused, I walked around until I found a zookeeper, and I asked, "Hey... is that piece of toast really supposed to be in that zoo exhibit?"

The keeper nodded emphatically.  "Oh, yes!  It was supposed to be there."

"Okay... but why?"

"It was bread in captivity."

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